The community has spoken! Read some of the testimonials of happy customers below. These are quotes from real people about the services and products they love, brought to you by ADORA BELLA SALON & DAY SPA. We are proud of our dedication to our friends and neighbors. Read some of the quotes below... they might be from someone you know!

Here are some words from our clients:

''I saw a few referrals on NextDoor for Kara at Adora Bella.  So, I called to try to get a last minute appointment.  Kara changed her schedule and came in to accomdate my request. Kara was very detailed and enjoyable. She did a excellent job!. The other hairdressers and the entire staff were very friendly and made me feel very welcomed.  I have found a NEW hairdresser. ...If you are looking for a new hairdresser I would highly recommend Kara.''

- R. R.


''I had forgotten the immense power to transform that a great hairstyle can provide. Thank you Suze and everyone else at this warm and caring salon. Suze has an amazing capacity to envision how good a style will look. I'm exhausted from accepting all the compliments from coworkers friends and family. And it hasn't even been 24 hours yet. I'm amazed. Thank you for far exceeding any expectation I could've have had. You Rock!''

- Nick V.


''WOW! I moved here almost two years ago and have been having such a hard time finding a new hairdresser! I have naturally curly hair so it's difficult to find someone who cuts and styles it correctly. I went in to see Rachael about adding a little style to my hair. I shaved my head last year so my hair has just been growing out all over the place with no order. The whole experience was fantastic! My hair looks absolutely amazing! Then she took the extra time after to show me how to style it with a curling iron and a flat iron!''

- Missy H.


''I am so happy I found Chris! He truly is a hair magician! Not only he gave me a great haircut, he made my highlights beautifully amazing and made me feel super sexy! I definitely am coming back and am recommending Chris to anyone. He is the best!''

- Olga S.


''This review is for PAULO MELLO. 
Paulo has been my hair stylist for over 10 years now and I have never being disappointed with him. My appointments are fun and I always leave the salon feeling beautiful and refreshed. Paulo does an excellent job also as a makeup artist, I can safely say his makeup is a master piece.''

- Silvana S.


"This review is for Laura Marie.
Laura has been doing my hair now for a few years.  I was a stylist at Adora Bella but retired from the hair industry, then moved out of state.  
Let me just say this, not being able to see Laura every 5 weeks was a sad time for me.  Laura is knowledgable in the hair industry.  She prides herself on keeping up on techniques that are trending.  She also prides herself on educating her clients about your hair.  knowledge is power.  I watched her for years, also working next to her, as well as being her client.  
I love Laura.  And you will too!''

- Lauren A. 


''My daughter and I came to see Nina Yegany for the first time last week and we just LOVED her. She is so sweet and gave us great haircuts, as well as, fabulous color. She was recommended to us by our friend Jen. Nina was gracious enough to squeeze us into her 10 hour day with only 24 hours notice for our family wedding in Seattle, (poor planning on our part) and she even proved her phenomenal threading skills. We have found our new 'go to' gal for our cuts and color for sure!''

- Ann M.


''This review is for Maureen McCarthy. She has been my stylist for years and I think she is fabulous.  She takes the time to analyze your hair and gives great cuts and is the best at color. I highly recommend.''

- Judy E.